Are you a Magician? No, I’m a juggler.

Are you a Clown? No, I’m a juggler.

Are you a Juggler? Yes, really.  I’m a juggler.

How long have you been juggling? Over 14 Years.

What got you into juggling? I am a licensed skydiver and was on a wind-hold watching 2 guys juggle in the hanger and I thought it was a smart thing to learn, so I did.

How many times have you skydived? Over 100 times. My dream is to juggle and skydive at the same time. I continue to train to achieve my dream.

How old were you when you learned how to juggle? 21.  

Did you dream of being a juggler as a child or joining the circus? No, I just wanted to have fun!

Are you insured? Yes, $2,000,000 liability policy.

What is your rate? Conversations start at $500.00

Do you offer a non-profit rate? No.

Do you work for free? No.

Where are you located? Charlottesville, Virginia.  I travel for the right opportunities.

Do you juggle fire? Yes, it really is the best! Knives too!

What is the best way to reach you? Call me (434)260-2668

Will you promote an event you are performing at? Yes.

Do you teach team building workshops? Yes.

What companies have you worked with? Viget, Microsoft, Willow Tree Apps., S&P Global, SARA, Department of Social Services Albemarle County.

What is the fastest you’ve ever taught someone how to juggle? 30 Seconds.

How many people have you taught how to juggle? Over 1,000 people in under 2 minutes. For Real.

Do you do birthday parties? No.

Can you split up an event with different types of entertainment? Yes, stage show and roaming juggling and/or teaching is a popular option.

Do you teach private lessons? Yes

Do you teach group lessons? Yes

Why should I learn to juggle? To boost brain power, build eye-hand coordination, burn 300 calories per hour, & have fun!

What should I wear to a juggling workshop? Comfy clothes & shoes you can move easily in.

What props do you have available for a workshop? Balls, Rings, Clubs, Scarves, Diablo, Devil Sticks, Peacock Feathers, Cigar Boxes, Balance Board, Walking Globe, Ribbon Sticks, Hula Hoops, Slack Line, Parasols, etc.

What ages do you teach? Age 3 to 103 years old

What payments do you accept? Cash, Check, Credit Card, Paypal

Do you require a deposit? Yes, a 50% Deposit.

Can you work with our theme? Most likely! Send me the details. 

How long are your shows? 15- 45 minutes.  

Can you juggle underwater? Yes!

Can you juggle on ice skates? Yes!

Do you work with special needs individuals? Yes.

Do you travel? Yes!

Why do you require a phone conversation before booking a gig? To make sure you are a human. Details are important.  

Do you know how to ride a unicycle? Yes! I own 3 types: 20 inch, 36 inch, and a 6 footer aka. a giraffe unicycle.




“Loved the instructor. Erin is amazing! Great fun, stimulating and challenging.”

-Department of Social Services Albemarle County, 2018